S2P Instructors

The S2P Instructor Training and Certification is available to any registered candidate Thumbnail image for Teachers.pngsponsored by a sanctioned RFS Affiliate Partner. The online training includes 30 learning modules divided into 4 goal sets, each ending in a test. Candidates who complete the entire program are certified as an S2P Instructor and able to deliver our signature programming at a sanctioned affiliate location with the full support of Recipe for Success Foundation.The program is most appropriate for professionals with experience in teaching, culinary training and gardening. Passing an application test that indicates a minimum skill set in the kitchen and garden is required.

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Recipe for Success Foundation has a wide variety of positions that offer team members and contractors the opportunity to wear numerous hats and expand their resumes. We are looking for enthusiastic, self-starting professionals who are motivated by the mission of Recipe for Success to combat childhood obesity and are passionate about nutrition, sustainability and food justice.

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Internships with RFS are a great way to gain professional Intern.pngexperience for a wide variety of future careers! RFS interns participate in hands-on programming; take ownership of meaningful, professional projects; and make long-term contributions to the growth and sustainability of RFS programs. We are looking for dedicated, motivated students with backgrounds and/or interests in public health, business administration, nutrition, education, statistics, culinary arts, horticulture, public policy, marketing, and journalism - to name a few.

Recipe for Success internship program is full until Summer 2018. Thank you for your interest and check back again soon.