It's the season . . .

This season's Gala in Small Bites dinners will run the gamut from haute cuisine to hot cookin', and from 12 to 50 people--something for every taste and style. Choose from a score of culinary diversions in spectacular homes where you will meet and cook with the country's most influential chefs. 


View the 2014 A Gala in SmallBites Invitation and 2014 A Gala in Small Bites Reply Card

2014 sponsors include WHOLE FOODS, CARTIER, EL ALFAN TEQUILA, GRATEFUL BREAD, HOUSTON DAIRYMAIDS. Students from Ai CULINARY INSTITUTE provide service and support. 

Thank you!  to our 2014 Hosts and Chefs:
Kayla & Chris Anderson, Amy & Drew Anton, Fady Armanious, Chef James Ashley, Chef Eric Beasley, Chef Garth Blackburn, Cathy & Gary Brock, Gracie & Bob Cavnar, Chef Charles Clark, Carrie Colbert & Bob Hogan, Bob Devlin, Karen & Roland Garcia, Chef Jason Gould, Chef Ryan Hildebrand, Vicki & Al King, Nanette Lepore, Chef Barbara McKnight, Lisa Mellencamp, Bobbie & John Nau, McKay Otto & Keith Coffee, Kristy Phillips & Rob Taylor, Chef Monica Pope, Chef Rebecca Rather,  Mickey Rosmarin, Sue & Lester Smith, Holly Smith & Austin Alvis, Liz & Andy Stepanian, Chef Philippe Verpiand, Mary Fay & Peter Way, and Randa & KC Weiner.